Social Impact/ Everyday Wellness

LE FONDRE Values & Sustainability

LF is Designed for Empowerment. Crafted for the Future. 

At Le Fondre, we aims to be the leader that brings wellness into jewelry.
Our team intents to create social impact with empowering lifestyle.
Our Wearable Wellness Jewelry is a revolutionary design, to combine empowering colour art with jewelry, to bring wellness into daily life.





Up-Power Your Sense of Well-Being and Identity.

Colours stimulate us in ways to help us reach wholesomeness. Our empowering colour cards are designed to guide us on our wellness journey, to inspire the power within you. All cards are printed with FSC paper, Acid-free.




Discover Wellness in Everyday Life.

Wellness is everything within our daily life. Our mindful journal are documented by Le Fondre team, to share our observations and thoughts on simple wellness practice in means of diary. All diaries are easy to read, targeted to unbox the beauty of ordinary things in life.



Share to Inspire, Empower, and Enlighten.

All interviews are thoughtfully curated with invited guests, owning mindful background. Each guest shares their own unique mind on selected topics, to inspire us with their fresh thoughts, and to awaken our wellness relations within everyday life.




Mindfully Built to Create Social Impact.

All guest models are carefully selected, with differ inspiring wellness background. Le Fondre intents to build a supportive wellness community with you, to form a worldwide wellness circle, and to provide each of you a cheerful connective space to connect with like-mind people.




Social Empowerment Aims.

Our colour card games are designed for this modern society. Le Fondre aims to bring wellness lifestyle into our everyday life, through simple and playful means. All card games are uniquely designed by Le Fondre team, to guide you on journey to find happiness in everyday moments, to discover your best potentials.



To Un-Code and Share Our Wellness Mind.

Every Le Fondre collection is mindfully created with inspirations from our everyday life. Our collection documentaries are booked to share our behind-the-scenes stories, to reveal grounded messages behind our Wearable Wellness Jewelry.