About Our Founding

Not Only Jewelry, also Colour-Empowering Lifestyle. 
To Free Your Spirit and Inspire Your Inner Power.


LE FONDRE is a demi-fine design studio who draws inspiration from mindful lifestyle, exploring empowering colour art with wellness journey. We purpose to be your reachable daily well-being reminder, to accompany you on self discovery journey, to bring you bright inspiration.

LF creates timeless wellness jewelry with responsibly sourced materials. All pieces are crafted with certified manufacturer, created only with carefully selected sustainable materials, ensuring a commitment to the highest quality craftsmanship as well as ultra-low environmental impact.

LE FONDRE translates to Melt It Down in French, which represents our belief in Soul Conjunction - intimately connect with our soul, lead us to inspire inner power. We combines healing stones and colour art with jewelry, creates Mindful Jewelry Art. Each everyday piece shares positive soul stories to inspire you on self-empowering journey.

Mindfully Designed for Empowerment. Sustainably Crafted for the Future.