Our Values & Sustainability

LE FONDRE Values & Sustainability

LF is Designed for Empowerment. Crafted for the Future. 

At Le Fondre, we believe sustainability begins with our mind and lifestyle. We mindfully select our precious metal, packaging materials, and branding materials that can be renewed and with low carbon impact strategy. Our empowering jewelry are sustainably designed using responsibly sourced materials with conscious purpose to reduce carbon footprint, and grow lasting global impact.

Le Fondre is committed to be part of the community that brings positive environment impact for our global climate, and aims to be part of the generational change that brings empowering wellness lifestyle into our everyday life for our next generation.

Sustainably Designed with Positive Life Cycle.
In our pursuit of the best product per category, we carefully assembled partnerships with artisans, creating pieces with sustainable metal scraps from factory. All of our jewelry is created with renewed materials, to help reach your goal of carbon neutrality.
Recycled for Reuse. Acid-free.
FSC paper are used in all of our branding materials such as: paper, cards and jewelry box packaging, to reduce your carbon footprint.
Colours stimulate us in ways to help us reach wholesomeness.
Our empowering colour cards are designed to guide us on our wellness journey, to inspire the power within you. All cards are printed with FSC paper, Acid-free.
Linen is ecological and completely biodegrable fabric, made from flax plant fibres.
Our natural linen pouch comes unbleached without chemical dyes. It is strong, naturally moth and friction resistant, to protect your jewelry.