About us

Mindful Jewelry Art.

To Inspire, To Enlighten.


LE FONDRE is a demi-fine jewelry design studio rooting in mindfulness, exploring minimal energy art with mindful soul journey.

We create nonseasonal timeless jewelry art with responsibly sourced materials. All pieces are crafted by experienced artisans, created only with carefully selected sustainable sterling silver and gold-plating.

LE FONDRE translates to Melt It Down in French, which we believe Soul Conjunction - intimately and deeply connect with our soul, lead us to enlighten consciousness. By sharing the same mind, we meet with our soul via vibration and frequency-tuning. LF combines Energy Art with jewelry, creates new genre of frequency jewelry art. Each everyday piece shares stories of souls, connects life with awareness and positive vibrations. Echo of mindful life moments surrounds every piece and into wearer's deep thoughts - to bring you afreshing energies and blessings to your surroundings. 


. Featured in VOGUE Hong Kong Magazine in Fashion - Hong Kongs Best Local Jewellery Brands”, recognizing us as unique yet subtle jewellery pieces and one of a kind designed ear cuffs

. Featured in COSMOPOLITAN Hong Kong Magazine - "本地品牌精選推介:打破珠寶首飾設計的傳統框架", recognizing our innovative jewellery design.




: Accessories by LAM WING

L A M  W I N G  focuses on accessories. LW explores conceptualism with utility and details through emotions, as to arouse critical thinking and raise awareness on views of wearer and onlooker. All products are details-focused, and aims to challenge concepts and to push boundaries of accessories and jewellery designs.


: Energy Art by Skya 

Energy Art by Skya are energy art works that contains certain type of energy frequencies, created by medium Skya. All works are created with her spiritual team and under guidance of angels.