Lawrence is with many identities. He is a ForestBathing Guide, Animal Flow Regional Leader, yoga tutor, personal trainer, and Gong sound bath teacher. We would like to name him, a wellness Practitioner, a healer.

In our conversation with Lawrence, we found he is a gentle calm person, who celebrates every details, breathing and living in all moment. He groundly shares his view on everyday moments and colours, and introduces his observation on extraordinary power of colours. Join us in this chaterview with Lawrence to discover more of his story on everyday wellness.

L = Lawrence Tai
S = Le Fondre Editor, Skylar Lam


S = In this collection, we are exploring the concept of experience moments that forms our life - moments that are special, creating various experience from them as stepping stone and on. From this, do you have any moments or experience deeply affected you that you would like to share?

L = There are a lot. Many times there are sparks in the moment, then following with the concept and idea shaping my experience later on. Take examples from the times I visit nature as tutor for ForestBathing or I am at courses as a student, there are moments I found I am driven to do a thing, or have a clearer vision in my mind, which then redirects my directions in life, and step by step slowly reaching where I want to be. There’s no guarantee of how things will go, but slowly, you will find the next step. It’s like many various moments bringing you to certain places, creating the next page of life from that.

S = So it’s like a web, weaving all the moments, and bringing you different adventures.

L = Yes, I think so.

S = Let’s talk a little bit about colour. How’s the role of colour in your personal experience and life?

L = Every colour can brings difference feelings to me. It is why I am very aware of what colour my family wears and what colour my home is decorated with. Because I love nature, I am mindful of what feelings do living creatures’ colours and the colours surrounding me brings to me.

Especially now I host ForestBathing, I am more conscious of the colour of the sky and season-changes. The colour of sky in Spring and Summer has huge difference, forest’s colour will change from green to yellow, even having red leaves. There are a lot of colours reveal and feelings bring out. We are blessed with eyes to observe the world. I think colour is a very important element that we should not overlooked.

S = Like emerging in colours?

L = Yes. We should enjoy the colours since the world is full of abundant colours.

S = I think so too. Do you have a favourite colour?

L = It changes time by time. I used to love purple, then to red, and now shifting bit by bit to orange. I used to not like orange, I thought it’s too vibrant, too cartoonish. But now I see orange as a colour that brings me joy. So I think how we see and feel colours will change from time to time. For example, I usually like to wear black and white, but then one day, I want to add a colour to my palette, like grey, then expanding to brown etc. 

Sometime preference of colours changes base on mood, or even frame of mind. Like my mother, she used to enjoy wear clothes in black and white tone, and now shifts to wear colourful prints.

S = Haha. I totally understand it. I always love red colour since little. It brights me up. I would say it is my colour. But lately, I am into colour yellow, something closer to beige and pastel. Some more subtle colours.

L = Wow. That’s a huge difference.

S = Yes. I think it’s related to our personality development throughout chapters in life, like filling the glass with water, when we reach to certain point, we might have some changes in our colour taste. 

My recent relationship with colours are quite intimate. With my heightened colour sensitivity, colour not only give me some forms of mood and provokes my feelings, but also drive my to focus on its frequency. The fact that each colour vibrates at a difference level, making me slowly shift my vibration level is an interesting experience. To me, colour has such a powerful tool to use.

S = It is my pleasure to meet you today. I had a great time chatting with you on details of our everyday life. I hope to see more of your sharing and workshops in future!


Thank you Lawrence for the interview and your everyday life insight. We enjoyed every moment of your sharing!
Chaterview documented by Skylar Lam.

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