Florence is a rising star in performance art field. She is known to use every part of her body as an instrument to tell her stories. Her works are detail-created with everyday topics and objects. With closer look of her performance art work, you can feel the tension behind all her movements, see the emotions in every moments.

In our conversation with Florence, we are surprised by her tenderness when comparing to the powerful tension she expressed in her works. She slowly shares her art creation experience, introduces her observation in the unspoken power of every moments and her relation with colours. Join us in this chaterview with Florence to discover more of her story on the power of mindful moments.

F = Florence Lam 
S = Le Fondre Editor, Skylar Lam


S = In our Moment Traits Collection, we discuss on moments form experience, experiences form our life. Any moment you found profound that forms meaningful experience deeply impact you?

F = I would say the first time creating a collective performance art work. It creates a huge impact on me. As a performance artist, I usually create art work alone. From my experience, creation inspirations are always accompanied by solitary and imaginations from within. Which this form of art work is totally different from what I have done before. When the art work is done collectively, especially under improvisation, the creation pattern is new and fresh, sometimes even push me to open up and let unknown things or people to communicate with me in form of movements or objects.

S = Like open yourself up to explore in unknown fields, and be out of your comfort zone?

F = Likely. Like I am not only an individual, but also can hold more, as collective.

S = Would it has some kind of relation with collective conscious, the interactions between echos?

F = Maybe. I don’t know yet. Currently my ground is the wordless communication with collectives. Personally, I am not fluent in communicating in language. When I create collective performance art work in difference countries, I collide with artists with various cultural background and nationality.There’s a language barrier, but when I am creating art work with them, I feel I have outcome and surpassed the language barrier, and connect with them of something deeper and meaningful.

S = I can relate in some way - in area of colours and drawings. Let’s talk about colours. We play with vibrant colours in this collection. It is interesting to communicate in colours and objects. In relation with colours, what’s colour for you?

F = I think colour is a form of frequency. Some say human see colour differently than animals, because our eyes can absorb frequency differently. The way we can view frequencies from objects reflecting colour frequencies is a unique form of human experience. And I think we should treasure it.

S = I agree with you. Because of my high colour sensitivity, the vibration of colours interests me a lot lately. In my experience, different colour’s vibration level can instantly provoke different feelings I normally am not in , like a mini laboratory test. It is something exciting that I am exploring in colour field.

S = Do colours have an impact to you in your performance or everyday life?

F = I have read about colours in performance art work somewhere, black, white, and red are the most common colour palette in performance art work, relatively monotoned to let audience focus on artist, like black and white. To extend more, red, it has a close relationship with human’s body, which can deliver a direct messages like blood and new born etc. When I work with objects and colours, I tend to select suitable pieces base on their culture, historical background, and functional meanings, which colours come with it gently.

S = I have observed that you are sharing more on everyday spirituality lately. How does this begins?

F = Activist voices out on issues we see on everyday life. I see them as we are simply and purely tell our stories to the world. When we tell our stories, our first-hand experience becomes the evidence of the issues, a database in this world.

S = I appreciate the detailed observations and story-telling where your focus is at. I look forward to seeing more of your amazing works in future!


Thank you Florence for the interview and your one-of-a-kind insight. We enjoyed every moment of your sharing!
Chaterview documented by Skylar Lam.

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